Sestina: “Something”

Literary Screw Ups, Random

The sestina is a ancient, complex form of poetry that follows an exact pattern of repetition of the initial six end words of the first stanza. This was my first stab at it, and because of the patterning, the poem took a life of its own.  I highly recommend trying it!


Girl met boy.

They went to the zoo.

Boy always opened the door,

and girl thought,

this could be something,

but girl was unsure.


The word forever is an unsure

thing.  (Especially with just one boy.)

But, this could be something.

The start of their own personal zoo.

But girl possessed an unabating thought,

forever may close other doors.


“Forever” is sweet when whispered to the one you adore,

but what if there is another choice on another shore?

Trapping thoughts

But, girl loves boy.

Perfection–that day at the zoo.

This could be something.


This could really be something.

Years pass and boy still opens doors.

And they still go to the zoo

to commemorate that day they were so sure.

Boy asks for her hand, and girl thinks, oh boy.

Girl relents, hushing the afterthoughts.


Girl and boy forever, what a thought.

But this could be something.

Girl knows she loves boy.

And wants to go on adventures and open more doors.

Lingering thoughts of exotic shores.

Girl and boy add to their own zoo.


Girl can’t help but think of cages at the zoo;

doubt still forming a looming thought.

But one day girl looks at boy and is mostly sure,

that this could be something.

Boy opens more than doors.

Girl sees loyalty in boy.


This boy, the girl thought,

Since the zoo day, has been more than something,

and she stepped through the door, sure.



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