Support a Craftsman not a Corporation

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I have  been asked several times about how I find the artists that are featured in the shop. At first, I went after a few Houston artists whose work I had been admiring and shopping from for a while (Lisa Chow, Fuzzy Grapefruit, Olmox and Manready Mercantile to name a few).  I love shopping at local markets and discovering new artists (like Abbie Drue Designs), and once I knew the shop was going to become a reality, starting  sending out inquiries if artisans were interested in getting involved. I also took a trip to Austin with my dear friend Candice, and we found several artists there that I wanted to have in the store as well. (Son of a Sailor, Satchel & Sage, and Little Low Studios were some of our firsts.)  It starting growing organically from there, with recommendations from other artists, a few Etsy searches, to artists reaching out to us. I am happy and proud of the quality and variety of what we offer at The Tinderbox, and we are bringing new lines in all of the time (like Bexar Goods and Fox & Brie making their debuts soon!) so come check us out and support a craftsman not a corporation (thats a tip of the hat to ML Leather, also new to the shop)! Here is a small sample of the handcrafted products we have in the shop; you can check out a list of all of our makers here.

ML Leather

ML Leather

Abbie Drue Designs

Abbie Drue Designs

Summer Bucket Jewelry

Summer Bucket Jewelry


Jessica Grundy Art


Manready Mercantile











2 thoughts on “Support a Craftsman not a Corporation

  1. More cool’ness – today I’m so happy to have so much creativity!
    and I strongly agree with your title – support a craftsman not a Corporation – who wants to support some one who wants to create an empire? Guess I’m aiming too high!
    Nice blog!

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