Snapshots of France


Before our next trip to Europe in October, I wanted to revisit the first time the Mister and I traveled overseas together in 2011! The main purpose of our trip was to travel to La Rochelle, a small port city on the southwest coast of France with a history that dates back to the 10th century. The Mister’s ancestry dates back to this beautiful harbor town, and it was magical walking the same cobblestone streets his ancestors made a living on.

La Rochelle

We also scheduled our trip around France’s biggest music festival, FRANCOFOLIES, and it did not disappoint. The streets were filled all day and night with great music, food, street performers, and cheap beer. There were 5 stages set up around the city (one being 50 ft from our hotel window) and with the back drop of the harbor, it was quite spectacular.

Great Music


One of the Main Stages


Francofolies on the Harbor


La Rochelle at Night

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