Snapshots of London Part 2


Guest post from my travel partner (Europe trip 2011):

Our 2nd day began just as most do here in London…overcast and wet. Our first destination was Camden Town, an easy mile walk across the beautiful Regent’s Park. We had a quick stop at The Honest Sausage for some breakfast and coffee, and we were fueled up and on our way. Finally we reached the other side of the park, and what did we find….a Chinese restaurant built on the banks of the canal that wraps around the park.

On our way to Camden Lock

Our original intention was to take a canal cruise to “Little Venice” before heading to the zoo…but ample shopping opportunities in Camden Lock Market stood in our way (I purchased a pair of sweet kicks!). We wished we had more time to spend at the market…but my Ren’s itinerary dictated that we press on…but not without first visiting a local book resale shop at Camden Wharf (on her itinerary, not mine).

Our next stop was the London Zoo. It was very nice. The highlight was watching the gorillas trying to get warm from the rain. As I was tying to get a really good camera angle, one gorilla swung close to the window, then showed his back side right in front of me (I’ll spare you that shot). We finished by seeing the penguins and we got a really nice bird house from the gift shop.

Next on the list was a visit to the Open Air Theater in Regents Park to see an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Pericles. After that, we cleaned up and hit the city again. This time, we took the subway ( my first subway ride ever) out to Westminster where we saw some good street performers and rode the London Eye. After less than an hour of touristy stuff, we decided to take the subway out to the ‘burbs…this time landing in West Hampstead…where we had the best hamburgers ever and picked out the flat we will live in one day..haha.

Once we we done there, we took a double decker bus for the first time to the famous Abbey Road and walked the street like true Brits (minus the accent and sharp dress).
To round off the night, we headed to Picadilly Circus which is the Time Square of London. We ended up getting drinks in the swanky SoHo area…we were definitely under dressed and under classed, but we were there! The highlight was reading a letter to the bar owner from a young David Beckam that was framed on the wall about bringing home a different “bird” every night. It was very entertaining (3 pages long) and he had really girly handwriting.

We ended the night at at an Irish pub and just sat at a window and people watched (at this time everyone was getting ready to head to the clubs, which made for great entertainment).

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