Snapshots of London Part 3


On our last day in London, we had plans on biking to a nearby market, but we kinda slept in, and kinda were terrified of taking a bicycle out on the crazy streets, so we opted on just catching the subway to London Bridge and doing some sight seeing. First up was Millennium Bridge for my partner (there is a famous Harry Potter scene that was shot there). We ate at a local pub which served “Southern fried chicken” with BBQ sauce, and “Texas Chili Cheese Fries.” Classic.

We then ventured to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater to catch a performance of Anne Boleyn which was really amazing. I had bought “groundling” tickets where you stand on the floor around the stage–it was really spectacular and the play was very well done (it did start to rain at one point and we were uncovered, but that added to the ambiance).

We stopped at a cafe after that where I finally enjoyed a cheap version of afternoon tea and we ate the best chocolate cake while watching a group of men play Bocce Ball in the middle of a shopping square. We eventually made our way to the Tower of London and London Bridge. We decided to continue the tour and went to Buckingham Palace and St. James Park, which are both quite remarkable.

The Money Shot

I had made plans for dinner so we hurried back to the hotel and the got back on the subway out to West Kensington. I had read about a hipster hangout that served great food and hosted concerts in the New York Times called the Troubadour Cafe… and it did not disappoint. We had planned on watching the concert on a stage in the basement (I would liken it to the House of Blues in Houston) but after we found a cute little table on the front patio and ordered dinner with a bottle of wine, we didn’t move from that spot for a couple of hours. It was the perfect last evening in London.

We should have stopped there, because we were being picked up at 5am the next morning to catch our flight to Bordeaux, but of course we had to stop into one last pub and finish the night off right with some local beer and whiskey. We ended up in bed around 1:30…fairly close to our 4:30am wake up call. Needless to say our first day in France started a little rough…